Sundried Clothing!

Absolute 360 say –

ABSOLUTE 360 believe in the power of Far Infrared (FIR). Their products have been shown to improve general well-being by optimising the body’s own physiology, reduce recovery time from injury or surgery, reduce pain from conditions such as arthritis and even reduce cellulite. Improved micro-circulation and cell metabolism increases the body’s performance during sport and exercise and reduces recovery time.
I say –

Amazing quite simply remarkable I have just ended a competitive season in triathlon and just returned back to training from a month of, as you can imagine I am suffering with a bad case of DOMs especially after doubling my mileage ready to step up to Olympic distance Triathlon next season. Last Friday as usual I head out for a 90km hard hill filled ride round the surrey hills hitting Box Hill and Leith Hill hard on my return I place on compression tights stretch take on board protein, L-Glutamine etc and even have a ice cold bath.

I thought I had my Post exercise recovery process down to a tee, however I was offered the opportunity to try a pair of Absolute 360 Tights with InFrared Technology so once again I headed out for a ridiculous paced ride and put myself in the Friday afternoon hurt locker upon return I couldn’t walk up the stairs a usual occurrence from my training regime however I stuck to my guns and only wore the Absolute 360 InFrared tights despite lactic acid build up that bad I thought my knees were going to pop out there sockets, I finished my ride at 4pm Friday I took the tights off Friday 8pm wow!

I thought this has to be in my mind so I placed them back on and wore them through the night and took them of first thing Saturday morning, the only way I can explain how fresh I was I could of easily done my FTP on the watt bike and most likely got a PB, my legs felt the same as the day after you have had a horrendous sports massage where you would of spent an hour of your life screaming to the masseur to get his elbow out of your groin but NO!!!

My opinion –
No pain, Comfy, No compression & No nonsense SIMPLE!

Click on the Pictures for a direct link to their inspirational site!


Well what I can say apart from there clothing clearly sets the benchmark on comfy and cosyness which I use before races after races and even during training I just love it.

I choose Sundried clothing due to their ethics quite simply they are all about the customers they aim to please on every occasion they are an organic company which sells top of the range recycled clothing at great rates without compromising quality.

Here is a picture of me showing pure comfort even when bowling 🙂

Here is a picture of my sunglasses choice excellent UV protection comfy stylish and affordable? what more???

Sundried Started from a simple word on a surfboard, they now continue to spread organically; there community continues to grow and is moving all over the world. They produce
-various other items

Feel free to visit their site this blog was not for commision like many other companies this was purely due to how much their company impressed me from their friendly and helpfull staff to there unbelivable products at great prices.

Sundried thank you.

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